Channel letters are designed to be easily read from the street by customers. Channel letters can be any size or font, allowing you to display the same letter style and logo on an outdoor sign as on your business card. Because they are three dimensional they can be front or back-lit, creating a more lasting impression than a flat sign.

The term “channel letters” refers to letters, numbers and logos individually mounted on an aluminum raceway, or channel, then hung on a wall as a unit. The raceway is a 4×8” box that runs the length of the letters. Using a raceway helps limit the number of holes that need to be drilled into the building fascia. The raceway mounts to the fascia and the letters mount on the raceway. For example, the Dr’s Owda & Modawi sign represents a traditional set of channel letters on a raceway. The Firehouse Subs sign offers a more creative way to incorporate a raceway.

Some landlords require raceway-mounted channel letter signs because they are more visually appealing than a flat sign with letters painted on it. They are also easier to replace as a single piece when changing tenants. For example, this Tattoos sign only required 3 holes in the fascia to mount the entire sign.

While most channel letters are installed on a channel, for a more permanent installation look they can be mounted directly on a building wall. An example of a flush mounted set of letters is used for Sagano Japanese Bistro & Steakhouse.

The cost of a set of channel letters runs from roughly $3,000 to $15,000 depending on the size, shape and mounting method. A typical turnaround time from design to permitting to installation would be around 4 weeks. From design to install, Signs by Crannie can work with you to provide the best signage for your business.

See some examples below of channel letter signage we’ve designed, fabricated and installed for other clients. Channel letter signs can be leased with a low-initial cost. For more information, contact us today.