Sign Design Services

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Complete Sign Solutions

Signs by Crannie is a full-service business signage company. We provide a complete solution from initial design services through installation. We offer:

• Customized graphic designs created for your business
• Worry-free approval process that meets all local ordinances
• Safe construction that meets or exceeds all state safety codes
• Dependable long-life, U.L. approved signs made from commercial-grade materials
• Competitive prices, full warranty, and service after the sale

Design as a Process

At Signs by Crannie, every custom sign starts with your ideas and budget. Our experienced sales staff will guide you through the process of defining the goals for your new sign. For example, a sign could focus on your company logo to build brand recognition, or focus on the benefits and services you offer. During the initial interview, our staff will also conduct a field site survey: digital photos of your building, surrounding signage, and local sign ordinances.

After the initial interview, our graphic design department will create a custom sign based on your requirements. Our sales staff will then present this design at a second meeting. You are under no obligation to accept the design. However, if you want to move forward with the project, at a third meeting a detailed proposal and final quote will be presented for you to review. Only after you have accepted the final quote will the project begin.

sign design servicesWe Work for You

Many professionals at Signs by Crannie will work on your new sign long before the first letter is cut.

Our Permit Procurement department works with state and local inspectors to insure that your new signs meets all local codes. If required, they may go before the local Zoning Board of Appeals to request a variance before starting the project. Our mechanical engineers create a detailed site foundation plan or an engineered drawing of the building attachment points certified to meet state safety codes.

Once we have final approval on your sign, we will give you an installation date so that you know exactly when your sign will be completed. At every step of the process, we keep you informed so that there are no surprises at the end of the project.

Focus on Quality and Value

All our signs are manufactured in-house by seasoned professionals to ensure complete control over the quality of your business sign. For example, we use heavy-gauge aluminum, non-corrosive fasteners, and long-life finishes on every sign we build. Your custom sign is designed to give you 20-30 years of useful life.

When it is time to install your sign, our state-licensed installers will complete the job quickly and with minimal impact to your existing business. In addition, with a full one-year warranty, you can be assured your sign will continue to work for you long after the installation.

For more information about our design services – or to schedule an appointment contact us today.