Top 10 Reasons to Choose Signs By Crannie

  • 2. Dedicated Permitting Department

    Our experienced permitting staff quickly and accurately fills out and files all government-required applications, site plans, conceptual and stamped engineered drawings for your sign and electrical permits. Additional costs for performance bonds, review meetings or variances are included. All inspections are scheduled early so your sign project will finish on time.

  • 3. Over 600 Years Experience

    Combined sign management, production & installation experience.

  • 4. Factory Trained Installers

    Electronic Message Centers are great attention-getters, but if installed incorrectly they can be a constant headache for business owners. Our service technicians are factory trained to do the job right and to get the most out of your digital billboard or LED sign.

  • 5. Large Fleet

    of over a dozen late model service and installation trucks and support vehicles that can be mobilized onto one project vs. smaller companies with only one or two trucks.

  • 6. In-House Construction

    Most of our products are fabricated or produced in-house, giving us greater control over production and delivery times. Some low-cost sign companies purchase signs pre-made overseas that use lower quality materials.

  • 7. Licensed, Bonded and Insured

    In multiple states and jurisdictions.

  • 8. Night Auditors

    We perform routine night patrols and surveys to keep our clients up to date on the condition of their signs and lot lighting.

  • 9. Underwriter Laboratories

    We’re a UL recognized electrical sign and lighting manufacturer.

  • 10. Areas Largest

    In-house, cross-trained professional team that can be assembled into a large fabrication or installation crew as needed. We can also pull staff from other WSA, ISA, MSA or SSSA members to insure a Positive Buying Experience.

    Sometimes it’s not just about the price, it’s about the seamless transaction without frustrating, time eating, costly hick-ups.

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