faux neon outdoor business sign

Custom Faux Neon Sign

This custom faux neon sign combines the great looks of neon with the energy-efficiency and long-life of LED signs.

A great example is this sign project we designed and installed for Beale Street BBQ in Fenton, Michigan. They already had a great neon sign. However, it wasn’t attracting the attention the restaurant deserved because of its location behind another business. The SBC team was able to obtain a variance from the city to construct a new sign featuring channel letters and an LED light border to create the illusion of neon above and below the letters “BBQ.” At the same time, the original Beale Street BBQ neon sign was moved under the building’s awning to protect it from the elements so it will give many years of additional service.

As a result, the restaurant can now be seen from the highway. By adding the red tower top and perimeter lighting it makes the restaurant appear much larger than before. The owners are pleased with their custom faux neon sign and the impact it has had on their business.