complex signage

Complex Signage, Flint Twp.

These signs were installed at the Oak Creek Office Park on Linden Rd. in Flint Twp.

The owner envisioned that all the complex signage use the same type font, letter height, colors, same internal lighting and the exact same positioning on the building. The goal was to make the office park attract the best and most discerning business professionals. In addition to the complex signage, the owners offer meticulously manicured landscaping and property maintenance.  Over the years different sign companies had tried but failed to pay attention to all of the details of the sign criteria.

After 26 different sign projects done right every single time, Signs by Crannie is now the specified sign contractor for projects at this office park.  We 100% guarantee that we’ll meet every aspect of the required sign criteria right down to the exact paint manufacturer and the type and color of caulk used.