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Pan Face Sign Replacement in Ft. Myers

ZF Precision Transmission of Fort Myers had a very badly sun-damaged, 80 square foot, pan face sign which was expensive when brand new. Tony Krenn, a local General Manager, called SBC in Ft. Myers to quote a new, non-illuminated, aluminum panel sign proposed by our competitor as a less-expensive alternative to a new pan face sign.

Instead of a non-illuminated sign, SBC suggested a new flat, seamless Lexan face with new vinyl graphics matching the old graphics. The old illumination would be retained. SBC won the bid.

Before installing the new faces, we installed a new ballast, new lamps, a 120v photo cell to operate the sign, and installed a 240v photo cell to operate the parking lot lights. All for less than the competitor’s price for a sign that couldn’t be seen at night.

The client was quite pleased and has promised to work with us on any future signage projects.