LED pylon sign

LED Pylon Sign, Michigan

Rogers Family Foods is one of our many independent, family owned grocery customers that needed to make an impact for their new location. Because they were so happy with our previous LED pylon sign in Oscoda, Michigan, they asked us to install another one in their new location in Glennie, Michigan. This sign is the result.

The building is set back from the road, so the sign needed to not only identify the store, but to replace the antiquated portable, changeable copy sign that was being used. As a result of the new electronic message center sign, Rogers will be able to instantly advertise daily specials – and quickly change them in real-time as stock runs low.

In addition to the 2-sided electronic message sign, the pylon sign includes Lexan™ faces in hinged face frames for easy maintenance, and energy-efficient LED lighting to minimize utility bills. The sign cabinet, pole cover and standing seam roof are all aluminum construction.

Looking at the 2 signs in the photo, it’s easy to see which one makes Rogers Family Foods a store you’d rather shop at.

About Lexan™

Lexan™ is a polycarbonate developed for many purposes including exterior sign application where UV and abrasion resistance is a must. Lexan™ material stands up to the harshest conditions all the while retaining its brillant color and unique texture. Polycarbonate is also known by a variety of trademarked names, including Lexan, Makrolon, and others.


  • Available in a large array of colors & textures
  • High impact strength, UV resistance
  • High light transmission combined with higher light diffusion than traditional sign materials
  • Can be thermoformed, screen printed, or decorated with graphics

Other polycarbonate products include greenhouses, blue-ray disks, CDs, DVDs, safety goggles, fighter-jet canopies, dome lights, skylights, bullet-proof and bullet-resistant replacements for sheet glass. Thin polycarbonate is used to make most disposable water and soft drink bottles.