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Custom Business Signs – Srodek’s

Hamtramck-based Srodek’s Campau Quality Sausage Co., a third-generation, family-owned and operated Polish grocer, built a 16,000-square-foot, $5 million plaza on Mound Road in Sterling Heights, Michigan. For their new building, Srodek’s wanted custom business signs with their branding and the ability to advertise Polish-American events and in-store specials on the roadway. To complete the project, they chose Signs by Crannie.

The custom business signs both feature the famous Polish and American crossed flag behind the Polish coat of arms logo that identifies Srodeck’s polish and European heritage.

The custom lighted cabinet on the front of the building is built entirely of aluminum and is three dimensional by use of the two cabinets layered on top of each other. The letters are back-lit LED to provide long-life and energy efficiency. For the multi-colored crest face, Signs by Crannie used a Miratec printed flexible sign face with PureColor Technology® for color clarity and consistency day and night.

The custom sign on the roadway is a unique combination of high-rise and monument sign. It duplicates many of the same design features of the lighted cabinet, but includes a WatchFire digital LED sign to advertise events and in-store specials to passing motorists in real time. Signs by Crannie is part of Watchfire’s dedicated network of experienced sign company professionals who are chosen experts in the sign industry.

custom business sign


Custom Business Signs

At Signs by Crannie, our manufacturing process is built on quality methods and materials, not cutting corners. We only use the most reliable, best performing components available. For example, our Watchfire signs use only LEDs from top-tier manufacturers. From superior weather and water resistance to strong, lightweight cabinets, our displays are designed to provide years of worry-free performance. Our signs and displays are engineered to operate in all climates — from frigid cold winters to hot, humid summers.