small outdoor wall sign

Small Outdoor Wall Sign – Ft. Myers Florida

Our Florida team was asked to create a small outdoor wall sign for Sir Pizza in Fort Myers. The 2010 Florida sign code changes meant that not only could the new owner put up a pole sign, but the old pole from the previous business would have to be removed. After exploring all the options available under the sign codes, this box sign was the largest that could be used.

The sign is a light box, interior lit with LEDs. A clear acrylic face is covered with translucent digital graphics so the sign can be seen at night.

Sir Pizza in Fort Myers, Florida is a new entry into the Florida market. In 1957, the first store was opened in Lafayette, Indiana. Sir Pizza now has locations in Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida. Also known as Pizza King, the restaurant has gained a loyal following of mid-westerners.