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Electronic Message Signs – Livonia, MI

A multi-tenant location in Livonia, Michigan was looking for new building and road signage. Even after reviewing the corporate sign manufacturers, they chose SBC because of our quality and the ability to purchase locally.

electronic message signsSigns by Crannie designed and constructed these 2 matching pylon signs on Middlebelt Road in Livonia from the ground up. The structure is all aluminum on a poured concrete base, with the monument skinned using cultured stone for an upscale look. Double-sided Watchfire electronic message signs were added to both monument signs. Both signs are full color, and have internal wireless nodes so they can be controlled by a laptop PC inside the store.

The client chose Watchfire electronic message signs after considering several lower cost alternatives. For example, the signs can display full-color 30 fps digital graphics. The medium-resolution display is perfect for businesses further from the roadway and with faster moving traffic. These street-side applications, especially up in the air, offer great impact at a great price.

The other reason the client chose Watchfire over lower cost signs was the energy savings. A Watchfire sign uses 6 amps per face, which translates into a cost of about 53 cents per day for electricity. Less costly signs can use up to 40 amps per face, not only wasting electricity, but lowering the life of the sign.

About Watchfire Electronic Message Signs

If your location has traffic traveling by at 45mph or faster, or your location is distanced away from pedestrian and vehicular traffic, Watchfire medium resolution Electronic Message Signs offer the perfect balance of sign size and resolution to give you the greatest attention-grabbing power. Many businesses have found that by choosing a medium-resolution sign they can afford to install a larger display allowing them to truly standout in their community.

Another benefit of Watchfire products is the Ignite software used to control the display. Over 2,500 professionally designed graphics are pre-programmed into the software so that it can give a business a professional look the moment they turn it on.