Energy Saving Tips for Outdoor Business Signs

Consumers Energy puts energy saving tips in their bills, emails and on-line for their residential customers, but if you’re a business owner, here are 2 energy saving tips that can save you money on your outdoor business signs too.

1. As a parking lot light or a flood light lamp goes bad, it will start to cycles on and off every few minutes. Each time this happens, the ballast or igniter uses a surge of electricity. These surges actually use more energy than the lamps working properly. Not only does this raise the energy bill, but it shortens the life of the ballast and igniter, eventually leading to higher maintenance costs.

Bottom line: Ignoring a parking lot light on its way out doesn’t save you money in the long run.

2. To start fluorescent lamps in cold weather, ballasts have a high-power start up mode. When any of the lamps are burned out, the ballast continually stays in start up mode, shortening the life of the ballast.

Bottom line: Fixing a burned-out fluorescent lamp bulb not only saves energy, but saves the expense of replacing a costly ballast.

For your employees and customers, keep your parking and pedestrian areas illuminated and safe, It’s good for business, good for your bottom line, and good for the planet!