Petoskey Brewery, Petoskey, Michigan

This customer was turning an old building into a brewery. His initial logo didn’t convert well into signage, so our idea was to do a projecting blade sign. He liked the projecting sign we did for the Churchill’s project in Flint, custom fabricated to give a retro feel to the brewery. SBC started with his revised logo and designed a sign that incorporated both elements.

This panned & embossed sign with painted faces and projecting logo capsules give it a lot of dimension and appeal. The finished double-sided sign measures 5′ wide x 25′ tall.

The customer was concerned about maintenance since the sign would be mounted very high on the building. To solve this problem, we fabricated the sign with LED’s in the logos capsules, T8 lamps in the main cabinet and mounted all the power supplies inside the second floor so they would be easily accessible from the inside for service without a boom truck.

petoskey brewery sign by crannie