selfie letters

Giant Selfie Letters and Numbers Signs

Everyone has heard of selfies – the pictures you take of yourself at an event. A new trend is printing selfies on large letters to represent your initials. Not to be outdone, SBC has created several “selfie letters” and numbers for businesses as either artwork or as way-finding signs.

In the example above, our Michigan team created the letters SFLD for the City of Southfield, Michigan.

In the examples below, the Florida team created numbers for the JetBlue Baseball Park in Fort Myers, Florida. As JetBlue is the winter home of the Boston Red Sox, the numbers are the retired jersey numbers of the baseball players on the Boston Red Sox.

selfie letter sign

The selfie letters and numbers all start out as sheets of aluminum hand-crafted and welded into shapes by our expert sign makers. The box box-like construction insures the signs will be sturdy enough for people to sit or stand on them. After they are completely sealed shut, the giant letters and numbers are painted to match the brand colors of the business. Because of the weight of the letters, they don’t move around. However, they can be attached to a base or glued to the pavement for extra security.

selfie letter construction